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The place to go if you're Lebanese and want to riot. Sydney.
Reporter - "And another racially charged riot occured in Cronulla today, apparently after some guy said he wanted a salad. That man had this to say..."
Man - "Give me salad!"
by Unknown-Infinity August 25, 2006
The fear of retards.
Random 1 - "Aarrgghh....that guy just fell over himself..."

Random 2 - "Its ok...with this simple 5step process, your Arandaphobia will be a thing of the past...we're here to help."
by Unknown-Infinity August 25, 2006
To hit someone in the balls with the back of your hand generating power from a backswing of the stronger arm and finishing with a graceful flick of the wrist...
- From the Ancient Roman word 'sackuswakus' - meaning 'ruptured ballsack'
"you only get a sackwack if no one likes you"
by Unknown-Infinity August 25, 2006
Loss of coordination to the most extreme level. The inability to not fall over and look like a complete retard.
Random 1 - "I just had this uncontrollable urge to fall over and act like a complete retard"
Random 2 - "Yeah. Aranda Syndrome. It happens to the best of us..."
by Unknown-Infinity August 25, 2006
People of Italian heritage. Love soccer and pretending to hurt themselves.
LOCATION: Can be found doing laps around your local shopping centre in their mumma's souped up BMW with milo tin mufflers.
WEAKNESS: Other soccer players.
Wog - "'T' is for 'Turbo'"
Normal Guy - "Yeah. And 'G' is for Give Australia back the World Cup!'"
by Unknown-Infinity August 25, 2006

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