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An ancient lineage of royal and brave men. A Cronin is an overall good person selfless intelligent and a true gentlemen. If you come across a Cronin count your blessings get a photo op in and ask for a number if your feeling lucky ask him to dinner.

A Cronin is the emphasis of a real man.
Betty-Omg its Cronin can I have a picture with you oh so sexy and brave cronin?
by frankford1 March 22, 2009
A last name of someone who has ancestors in Ireland.
Normally, these people are loyal and hard-working individuals who will do anything for their friends. Also, their eyes are easy to get lost in, and they tend to have a perverted sense of humor. They are the friends that will have your back through thick and thin. They also tend to be swimmers who enjoy simply being in the water.
A Cronin will always be there for you no matter what.
Cronins have a strong sense of right and wrong.
Need a hand? Ask a Cronin
by BlueEyed Minx October 23, 2009
Used to describe breasts that fall into the armpit area of a woman when she lies flat on her back.
"Dude, check the waggons on that bird!", "wtf dude, they look like they'd be a right pair of Cronins"
by columbo09 December 18, 2009
Generally speaking, it defines a curly, heavy-metal addicted geizer, who has a popular impact on girls and likes italian stallions.
"Oh my gosh! He is really a cronin!"
by Freddi October 01, 2006
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