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short for Croatian.
That hot girl is Cro.
by Drazen April 28, 2004
121 82
Abbreviation of chronic.
Who's smokin' tha cro?
by theorie May 10, 2003
78 54
German rap artist.
"Sunny, ah, ah, ah
ich weiß schon Du heißt Easy
aber ist mir egal,
ich nenn dich lieber
Sunny, ah, ah, ah
ab jetzt wird alles Easy
denn du bist nicht mehr da

"Easy" by Cro
by yubitsume May 09, 2013
12 6
C-ro is slang for the chevrolet camaro

Commonly used in Buffalo, New York...

"wea burn you wit da c-ro"
by ps3fanboys February 05, 2006
5 6
a derogatory term directed at women or men.

It is formed from the words crazy and hoes.
I can't stand the Real Housewives of New Jersey. These croes are out of control.
by cocoafemme February 05, 2012
0 2
3-fid! A big dude with a heart of a lion
yo C-Ros you rattled?
by C-Ros December 09, 2009
0 3
Creative Rescue Organization - Alias of artist Ray Noland. Graphic Art studio based in Chicago, USA. (circa 2000) Selected works: Texas Chainsaw Poster, The Dream Poster, GoTellMama! Campaign
No matter where you go, it always comes back to CRO.
by Ray Noland October 21, 2007
13 35