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Crite - correct and/or right
Bill: "Does 2 + 2 = 4?"
Fred: "Crite!"
by ShahidTheGreat January 07, 2009
A traitor to their own college. He roots against his own school's teams.
Student #1: Our teams gunna win!
Student #2: Nah the other teams got it in the bag
Student #1: Stop being such a Crites
by TheBandit December 29, 2012
Crite - A derogatory term you can use when there's people around you can't swear near.
Crite - Cross between Crap/Shite.
*Teamate being an ass on an online game* STOP DICKING AROUND AND PLAY THE GAME YOU LITTLE CRITE!

*This movie was a load of crite, totally predictable.
by MrBadWolf March 12, 2015
From the word critter meaning monster or mob in a video game. This term started with my friends and I while playing the first Doom. I believe my uncle coined the term. Variations can be like: Boss Crite, Floaty Crite, Explodey Crite, etc.
Loads of crites come out of that door, kill them all.

That was one baddass demon crite.
by JDFaknthal January 28, 2009
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