a los angeles street gang that spread like a paracite to every metropolitan area in the states and influenced upper middle class white teens to imitate the gang and horrify white suburban parents everywhere
ay that white boy is suited up like a CRIP lets go teach him a lesson.
by SIN November 07, 2003
a large society of scum bag niggers smoking crack and causing tons of pointless murders.
"you a crip"
(blam blam)
"AB forever"
by MEEK April 13, 2007
Good quality marijuana. Short for crippy. Used in Florida, especially Dade County.
Wassup dawg, I got that crip on compound, holla at ya boi.
by Carlos December 16, 2003
A word that can be used to substitute most other words as seen below. Mostly used to describe what your doing, but not used for things like relaxing, it has to be something active.
Lets crip it over to the mall.

Everybody get crippin' we're running late.

"hey, what are you guys doing?"
"not much man, just crippin' at my house"
by borissimo March 04, 2006
A group started by raymond washington to emulate the black panthers it initially stood for community revolutionary inner party system. Before it became a gang that was set to protect the african american community from the government and know ironiclly kills alot of those the wanted to protect.
guy 1: The crips always been a hardcore gang.
guy 2: nah dumbass they started off as a revolutionary group but settled for committing crimes
by gxninja May 10, 2008
A highschool drop out who thinks the word this is pronounced dis. Crips are also interested in "gettin' da money, and da hoes."
- "Dyam G I jis bin scoping dat hoe and I want to tap dat, I was like going crazy when I saw dat ass dawg!"

- "Uhh,. . .crip translation?"
by Crip, dropout, gang ,loser, lol September 25, 2007
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