Top Definition
Very good pot, mostly grown hydroponically
Those crippie knots are dank
by Landon the Stoner July 27, 2003
Basically kind bud. Awesome in it's aroma and potency, crippie is considered "top shelf". With it's prices and quality in the upper echelon when it comes to consuming marijuana, crippie is most often a "treat" when what your used to is schwagg. Crippie should have a limey, not always light, but rich green color and other colors including purple, orange and red, often with the vast presence of trichomes, and a sometimes skunky, pungent odor. all of which contribute to overall quality... best test for quality to date? Smoke it!
"Screw that shwagg. (cough cough) Man, that crippie fucked me up!" "I'll take it"
by hjauasdtsimna October 02, 2011
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