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v. To position one's self within a social setting such that one makes no meaningful contribution.
I'm just gonna go criddle over here for a bit.

Look at that dude. He's criddling so hard over there.

Hey, what are you doing?
I'm just criddlin'.
by Anhaga January 08, 2010
To rummage through and steal other peoples belongings, while high on Meth, they say its not stealing its criddleing.
The piece of shit sucked up tweeker that is riding around on a bicycle that he stole from some college kid that paid a 1,000 dollars or more for it that he spray painted black. who is unable to comprehend that criddle is stealing and yes he is a fucking Nigger.
1. To rifle through your personal belongings or other peoples stuff, with or without intention. 2.Searching for any type of treasures in discarded items. 3. To steal slyly
Someone criddled my ipod out of my backpack. CriddelCridlelCriddledCriddlerCriddle SackCriddle Stick
by Gnarlburl_Luv December 19, 2011
To accidentally tarnish oneself while making a statement which is intended to be either humorous or offensive to another
When I tried to make a joke about erectile dysfunction drugs, I criddled myself
by timmah5656565656 December 11, 2006
To move away from a group of people or a setting, at a suspicious rate.
Johny criddled away from the group once he had released some gas.
by Matchu Whizite May 22, 2007
To be high on meth,crack,crank. a street junkies. also known as "crack head".
That dude is a fuckin criddler. He been smokin the criddle for too long.
by JARROD KELSO July 14, 2006
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