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A combination of "creepy" and "crappy". Creepy in a bad way. Usually applied to a sleazy person.
John was really drunk and kept on grabbing my ass. Oh my god, he is so creppy.
by aegiswings July 04, 2006
A combination of "creepy" and "preppy." Mostly used to described spoiled teenage girls.

"I can't believe she has that new phone. It isn't even on the market, yet. She is SOOOO creppy."
by J. Farber February 22, 2008
often mistaken for a typo of "creepy", creppy is actually a level ABOVE creepy.
1: "alez you are so creppy"
2: "dont you mean creepy?"
1: "no, its worse than that."
by hahayley April 28, 2008
Someone who goes beyond simply "creepy" and becomes truly creppy through (most often) some fault of their own.
"Did you see that guy's greasy hair?"
"Yeah, totally creppy!"
by MoooCow October 05, 2006
The combination of "creepy" and "crappy" to ultimately form "creppy." Largely used as a method for laughing at oneself and as a way of flirting between creppy lovers that met online.
ANTHONY: Want to watch me through your window as I ride by on my bicycle and take photos of your apartment? KELLY: You're so creppy! Come over and crep on me.
by Doctor Phantom June 30, 2011
Anything or anyone that is very thin.
Coming from the word crepe. Because crepes are so thin something that is creppy is the same.
That girl is hella creppy.
by Sar! July 23, 2006

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