of our pertaining to one who is a creep.
"Did he really just add your mom on facebook? That's so creepy!"
by otootles April 18, 2010
any online interchat regular who uses the nickname FroBanger in order to harass poor unsuspecting chatlings for naked pictures, only to later show them to the entire chatsite and brag about obtaining them. as if this is some sort of feat that only a cool person could do...

also see Super Fag.
by WinkBinkleman December 30, 2003
camille and marissa.
"i chain up little boys in my basement and milk them for a profit."
"oh, camille. you're creepy"
by mmm...arm October 02, 2006
To make the grabbing position with your hands (fingers sticking out) and sensually rub some object, body part, etc...
I want to creepy my girlfriends breast.
by Andy The Enforcer March 03, 2007

Name given to an individual from any mid-western farming (usu. South Dakota) state. To qualify for this name the person must spew forth various nonsensical data. This person will always try and one up your story by saying that his/her father did the same thing, only bigger and better.

Person must have an affinity for Rum (normally Captain and Coke), knives, and sneaking up behind you and saying "HEYYYYYY".

You: "I am building a house in a nice town."
Creepy: "Yeah, well, my dad, in South Dakota, built a 4000 sqft house out of toothpicks, with his bare hands."

Creepy: "Hey guess what. I could stab you 37 times and you wouldn't know it."
by MrTits & Co. July 25, 2006
obsessed in a St Louis Cardinal fan kinda way
Those cards fans sure are creepy!
by Pater July 08, 2003
The lady sitting next to me that doesn't know how to use a computer. She keeps ending up at the DOS prompt somehow and saying "thats messed up" "why me" "peice of shit"
people that talk to themselves fucking creep me out
by mad at the world March 24, 2003

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