A guy who has graduated high school already yet still is coming back to get the freshman bait.
"Ugh, there's Jonathan Stone, he's so creepy..."
by Shinsheiaaa June 09, 2013
to much mystery, not knowing if something is a threat or not, it creates a creepy weird feeling.
That guy was so creepy with that mask on.
by Magerboss October 20, 2013
When you move your fingers or fingertips very gently across ones flesh, in a manner liken to the way a spider's legs move, so as to tickle someone, or give them chills.
For fun, I like to sneak up behind someone and give them creepies on their backs.
by white zombie December 05, 2013
Adj. To describe anything. Scary, different, awesome, incredible, weird, amazing.
You look creepy today!
I had a creepy time on that ride today, can we go on it again?
by HJS<JAT January 29, 2011
Creating topics on internet forums about sucking your own dick and farting in bathtubs.
Jayden: Do you fart in bathtubs?
Everybody: Gtfo. You're creepy!
by L.Lynch June 30, 2013
A socially unacceptable act usually ending in several others acting strangly towards the perpetrator.

Something a person does in total disreguard to social norms.
When a relationship has been over for half a year and a girl drives 10 hours to stay with her ex's parents while he is away, "accidentally" forgetting he is supposed to come back during your stay. Upon returning, the ex is alarmed and makes an attempt to ignore/avoid the girl, which causes her to not understand, become angry, and continue her stalking. The girl finally gets the hint and embarks on her 10 hour journey home just to complain and act suprised about the ex not graciously accepting her creepy stalk mission.

That was a creepy move.

That bitch is creepy.
by Sketchy Character December 22, 2007
any man who willingly gets semi-naked and wrestles with other sweaty men.
It's really creepy how Leonidas keeps asking me to wrestle with him at the beach.
by sweatymanwrestlerleonidas February 02, 2011

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