very overly nice
Tim Thompson is a creeper.
by Yessir123!@#$ July 05, 2010
1. a person that bring his unwanted goods to people of the opposite sex.

2. desperate for sexual attention

3. Knobb
1. He wouldn't leave me alone, he's such a creeper.

2. I need to bone so bad. I'm gunna be a creeper tonight.

3. What ever you do, don't get in the creeper's Jetta.
by MattDamon Keanu Reeves DIXX February 11, 2010
a person or thing that creeps up on you. sometimes freinds creep on each other as a joke but sometimes people creep on people eventhough they dont know who they are and haven ever met them before.
A kid named Jermey from another school addes you and says they are going to cook for you an dlike your profile picturee even though you have never seen them before. This kid would be a creeper.
by got creeped on. November 17, 2009
A person who is unusually creepy
Usually ends in Luke Points and an unenjoyable naked tickle fight with the creeper
Dude that guy that was following us is such a creeper!
that guy that always wants to skype with you.
who jokes about watching you while you sleep
who calls you a turdd :D
who meets you on myspace and asks you to go to the rodeo
who doesn't follow the 3 major rules, no coughing, yawning, sneezing
**who assumes yall are dating and you find out because he announces you as his girlfriend in a random gas station in the middle of no where
the creeper, BretLee<33
by veeeeeee506 March 29, 2010
A lower version of chronic. In other words, when you want some dank ass weed, but you dont have quiet enough for chronic, you need creeper. Which is the step down. Potent smoke that still has crystals like chronic
"Fuck, We dont have enough money to get a good high tonight, i guess we will have to get some stress weed-Dude 1

"fuck no, lets get some of that creeper"-guy 2
by killerbong March 07, 2008
A creepy person who usually has no life, and likes to be mysterious.
Meagan: Jen, that man is a creeper.
Jen: Yes, he's quite mysterious and stalker-ish.
by Meagannnn. May 31, 2005

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