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excessivly creepy and or scary. it is a funnier way of putting creepy...
those red flags and black tape on my poptarts pouch make it the most creeptastic poptarts pouch ever.
by Mike November 06, 2004
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full of creepiness. weird or scary. simply just a creep.
this movie is creeptastic.
by lysssss April 13, 2008
Something that is delightfully creepy and weird
Girl: Hey do you see that kid following you

Friend: No why is he hot???

Girl: Yes I guess you could say so....

Friend: Creeptastic!!
by creeping through the night! September 12, 2009
immeasurably creepy, scary or pedophile-like.
Yeah! It was so creeptastic!
by Just another band geek. November 26, 2010
an adjective or adverb (creep-tasticly) used to describe something extremely creepy, weird, awkward, scary, or pedophile-ish.
jane: "this guy i dont know won't stop sending pictures of himself to me"
john: "wow, that is creep-tastic"
by SheB:) August 16, 2010
The sort of word used by douchey frat boys in order to describe someone who is vastly more intelligent than them, albeit less sociable.
Dick Frat Boy: Hey that guy the other night was so creeptastic!

Follower Frat Boy: Aww I know braaaaaa! He was quiet and spoke only of things beyond my comprehension. So creep-fucking-tastic...

Dick Frat Boy: So wanna get girls drunk tonight and take advantage of them?

Follower Frat Boy: Definitely Brraaaa! Definitely...
by Johannes de Silentio October 30, 2011

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