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a fart that is no less then 1 second and no more then 5 seconds in length and makes a sound like a high pitched "whooooo" sound
in the middle of class yesterday i ripped a creeper..
by playa del seville November 05, 2005
an old man usually consisting of weird and creepy characteristics.
The bowling alley owner is a creeper. He kept staring at me while I was bowling.
by 10ob92 April 27, 2009
A penis that is becoming erect.
Johnny got a creeper watching the porno.
by Scott Ramsay December 17, 2005
To Grab ones testicles and or dick from behind at any time.
Seth: Hey dylan ,


Seth:*Preforms the Creeper by grabing cock from behind.*

also known as the other reach around.
by SetheySeduction January 31, 2008
kree-per Noun
Someone who you never noticed in high school, or any age, that crept into a hottie without your knowledge.
Who is that? Dude thats Hannah, she sat behind us in study hall in high school. Really? She is smokin. Man, shes a creeper!
by Justin Baker December 06, 2006

a completely weird thing to happen thats odd.

dana:i was following this really cute guy around even tho i kno i dont have a shot with him
fran: that is so creeper
by alliesimo June 16, 2007
to pull a creeper is to tell lies to people who dont like you to try and impress them. These lies will most often be very unbielevable, possibly about family members dying or large killing cults. A person who pulls creepers most usually give themselves lame nick-names.

there used to be a killing cult of 500 goths in grantham, but no-one knew about them or saw them because they were on holiday from New York, this is a creeper
by richard hatch March 22, 2006