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A person who responds thusly when called a creeper: "Uh, do I look like a giant, green, penis-shaped monster to you?!"
The awkward man, after being labeled a creeper and shot down by the girl at the party, lurched home to play yet another round of Minecraft.
by zelums April 29, 2012
4 1
A creepy person who usually has no life, and likes to be mysterious.
Meagan: Jen, that man is a creeper.
Jen: Yes, he's quite mysterious and stalker-ish.
by Meagannnn. May 31, 2005
3 38
a boy around the age of 14 who chases after you on his hands and feet and he's really skinny, bones showing and he only has on a man thong made of sting and leaves and his eyes are all googally cross eyed and he has flesh caught in his braces
ew look the creeper is coming....
wow that creeper is almost as bad as grimy over there
by carolinn October 23, 2006
11 47
a group of males, usually looking for women, who beep their car horns, whistle, yell, cat call, give creepy looks or do various other "creepy" things to attract attention to themselves and try to "bring the womens".
Greta: Yea, me and Danielle were drivin to the mall when we saw these guys driving next to us beeping and I was all like oh my God, look at those creepers!
by katleen June 08, 2005
30 67
One who hits on younger people, usually because they can only be cool to a younger audience, and are not loved in their own age group.
Man that Garisson guy is a creeper.
by Caius Justinas May 23, 2005
3 41
A Bunch of badasses who will choke you to death and piss on your lifeless corpse and possibly spangle you(see def of spangle)
The Creepers are on the loose tonight lock up your daughters
by SDspangler March 12, 2004
28 66
Someone who creeps people out, tends to do creepy things, and/or participates in creepy acts.
Kate: Did you see that guy watching you?
Meg: Yeah. He was a creeper.

Boo Radley. (To Kill A Mockingbird.)
by justthoughtyoushouldknow July 09, 2009
1 43
some one who slowly passes by in a creepy maner
while i was smoking a blunt i saw a creeper role by
by ckennedy July 10, 2008
4 46