Chicago Term: Basically A One Hitta Quita
My Guy Gotta Glass Jaw, I Leaned His ass Once And He Wuz "creased Up"(knoced out)
by Kartune October 06, 2007
A womans vagina, expecially when she is leaning to the side. See Britney Spears latest pics. It is great when watching football because announcers refer to a hole in the defense as a "crease" often enough to look at your buddies and say "he he, Madden just said crease."
Dude, I split Ashley's crease Reggie Bush style last night.
by Brad120g January 30, 2007
to fart, usually rip one out.
Did you crease? I saw you cuppin'
by Scott Whittle July 13, 2005
a butt crack, traditionally used sarcastically
jack ma crease?
crease ma blow?
by ya nigga d train March 08, 2008
To hit someone really hard in the face.
Man if he would have said one more thing, I would have Creased his ass!!
by D.A. TRUTH187 December 20, 2006
Slang term for vagina. Not normally used as an affectionate term and occasionaly used in rap lyrics.
All wack rappers can kiss my crease.
by Phearless October 29, 2005
someone who wears those kind of shirts that are meant to be creased and looks silly
"ste crease"
by Payt January 08, 2004

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