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Verb- To be creased
Another term for laughing, also can be used as a substitute for lol in either speech or in type.
Person 1: *falls over*
Person 2: *points at person 1* haha! Creased!

Person 1: Did you see that bird crap on her?
Person 2: Yeah, I was creased!
by 1stknowledge March 01, 2011
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1. One whom continuously chats bullshit
Brad: oh did you hear what Lucy was saying about you earlier?
Greg: yeah man she's so creased, I never slept with her sister!
by SylvestrianSquad December 10, 2014
To get punched resulting in a K.O. or unconciousness.
Naw man. I didnt see him get creased
by suck_my_test_tickles7 October 07, 2010
To be so intoxicated as to be folded over.
That guy had so much to drink he was totally creased!
by andyinvegas December 20, 2011
Shut down; Being owned, burned or insulted. See burnt.
"Did you see that guy get dumped?" "Yea. He just got creased!"
by Ryan360 May 19, 2007
Someone who is extremely drunk and cannot walk.
Look at Brett, he is creased
by kmc8834 June 26, 2006

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