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simply means laughing
stop creasing at me man
by Anonymous November 03, 2003
A word used by utter twats that do not know how to speak English.
Dave: "I was creasing last night"

Bill: "You're a cunt."
by ratedr98 February 24, 2013
A British slang term for the phrase 'Laughing' usually written with more than one g, used primarily among the lower class, who can't speak. Nobody really knows how this phrase originated, but here is my theory.

One day, a youth in a hoodie was sitting at the back of the bus with his hat backwards (we'll call him Stev). His friend was scrolling through his phone, when he noticed a funny video, it made him laugh so much that he folded in half and fell onto the floor. This reminded Stev of a paper plane he made earlier that day, he remembered how the paper folded in half and how he was creasing it to make it fly better. Stev, comparing the folding of paper to the folding of his friend, and with the word crease in his head, suddenly cried. "Yo, how funny was that vid mate? You're like, creasing" His friend thought that the phrase 'creasing' was pretty good, so told his friends about it, who told their friends and their friends, until the word was so popular, chavs used it on a daily basis. This is how creasing became the word we know of today.
Chav 1: "Mate that was so funny! I'm creasing."

Chav 2: I know right mate!
by TheNHS April 01, 2015
Creasing is the sexual act of sliding one's penis in between the ass crack of another individual
"He, what would you do if you if that fat girl over there asked if you wanted to do some creasing later?"
"Dude, that's really messed up."
"No, but really, what would you do?"
by locke76 November 15, 2013
to crease during sleep; or to develop indents in the skin on the facial, arms, legs and stomach area due to the folding of blankets, pillows, arms or other bed time objects
I slept in the same position all night long and now I have these creasing marks all over my arm and face...I look like Scarface.
by torosgirl February 16, 2009
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