To hit someone in the balls. Schoolboy slang in Britain, from the doubled-up posture assumed by the person hit.
I jabbed my hand between his thighs and creased him.
by Jim44 September 03, 2005
Slang for "arse crack".
"I can't be creased." (I can't be arsed.)
by Pikagoth June 05, 2006
something hilarious, or very funny, that makes you literally 'crease' at the sides with laughter
'omg, that was crease!'
'she's so crease!'
by aoife babes June 25, 2008
to laugh
i crease bare when i saw that
by poonani October 20, 2003
used by chavs and townies and such for funny. It can also be used as laugh.
that was a crease
i was creasing at him
by anonymous February 03, 2005
used to accentuate or bring attention to an insult, usually by someone other than the person doing the insulting. closely related to such terms as 'diss' and 'burn'.
insultee: so last night, I ate this really good taco, and...
insulter: I ate your mom's taco!
insultee: ....
bystander: ohhh, you just got creased!
by bontravailmonkey May 21, 2007
A very fat sweaty individual who's body is covered in creases
Ricky is a proper crease.
Eww wot a horrible little crease.
My mate was Pesting sum smelly creaser last nite.

by hitmanhopkinz March 09, 2008

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