the more ghetto term for mcdonalds
hey yo man lets go hit up a crawlers
by micky d's June 26, 2009
A zombie whose legs have been removed or disabled. Considered particularly dangerous because they're harder to spot, and not much slower than the normal.
The squad thought they'd swept the sector clean, but then a crawler in the cornfield bit the sarge in the ankle.
by Bigfoot Wallace February 23, 2007
The world's #2 cs player behind Fuego.
WOW Crawler You were almost as good as Fuego.
by afgdsgds July 04, 2003
Greatest World of warcraft Pvper ever.
Oh snap! Crawler is coming!!! run nigga run!!!
by Zlain May 02, 2008
when a girls is so big u can almost crawl in
yo man steph had a crawlr and i had to have a pulley system rigged up so i didnt fall in
by michael landrum October 13, 2004
an uncut cock.
Jason has a small crawler.
by Ryan May 19, 2003
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