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To try and take back what you just said. In reference to the way a crawfish swims/walks -- backwards.
Jimmy done say he wanted to titty-fuck that bitch but when he find out she be my kid sista he start crawfishin' like a muthafucka.
by Charlie Golf April 05, 2004
A woman with an attractive body, but an unattractive face. Much like the crustacean, you want to bite off the head and eat the body.
Oh man, this girl has the greatest pair of tits, but her face looks like her neck threw up. Total crawfish!
by wlc123 February 12, 2011
to cheat, decieve, or otherwise do a person wrong
I'd take the deal, crawfish that ol devil, and drill him in the ass.
by Alex December 03, 2003
The redneck/southern version of a lobster.
One of the most popular southern foods is crawfish.
by alg-272 March 06, 2014
The most amazing food you will ever eat especially boiled. Louisiana is the only legit place to get it.
me: Hey ya'll I'm having a Crawfish boil at my house tonight. Ya'll coming?
friends: Yea! we'll be there!
by Sniffers January 14, 2009
to pull out and cum.
1. Jonny didnt succed when he tried to crawfish from Tiffany.

2. Steve crawfished onto Julia's back.

by Ostello_totheC February 17, 2007

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