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Mean-spirited, mischevious and/or immoral activity (or the mindset that leads to it).
Smithers had thwarted my earlier attempt to take candy from
a baby, but with him out of the picture, I was free to wallow in my own
by kerspunk June 14, 2002
to be giddy, jovial, and utterly utterly wasted. Acceptable intoxicants are booze, drugs or nutmeg
My Oktoberfest crapulence was remarkable. Lamp shade...bah! I sir, wore a golden retriever for the better part of an hour.
by Little j (of Flylife) August 22, 2002
the serious condition that occurs when one unintentionally mixes flatulence with fecal elimination.
I took my lover out for a some delicious indian food followed by a night at the Improv. Probably not the best idea because it left me with a embarassing situation of crapulence.
by LandG July 21, 2010
crapulence is a hangover, if u dont believe me, look it up in eral dictionaries, cos its in mine. can also use crapulous
sweet party last night, but today i feel crapulous
by Whyteyboy April 25, 2004
Crapulence- pronun.: crap-ü-lents; p.o.s.: adj.; def.: A crap-load; a nicer way to say shit-load without sounding like a 10 year old.
There was a crapulence of messages on my phone because I went a whole day without turning it on.
by Maredith June 20, 2008
Merger of words 'crap' and 'flatulence'.; to accidentally §hî† your pants, thinking you needed to fart.
I thought I had flatulence (gas, needed to fart) unfortunately it was crapulence.
by kc sunshine August 29, 2006
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