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Otherwise known as Toronto Raptors. Worst-to-be-again team in NBA.
The Craptors really suck!
That was shit, whacked and crappy!
by HateMainstreamMusic May 04, 2008
A combination of a cougar and the dinosaur known as a raptor, it is known for its big ass toe claws and its signature growl/cackle. It often preys on unsuspecting tourists.
Guy 1: Ohmygod!
Guy 2: What?!
Guy 1: There's a damn craptor after me!
by jaster11111 June 10, 2010
Crappy version of raptor
Look at this raptor!
Thats so a craptor.
by Crash August 26, 2004
Worldwide known techno DJ that makes the crappiest mixes in human history.
DJ craptor vs Shakira feat Mr. Denethor
by Ivana_bg August 12, 2007