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To eat something as noisily and messily as possible. For best effect, it must be something juicy so it can spray everywhere.
C.F. Denethor's Dinner Scene in Return of the King (the movie).

"I'm so hungry! I'ma go Denethor a hamburger!"
"Thanks for the warning! I'll get my earplugs and poncho!"
by LoMinang August 05, 2005
Complete shit-head who tried to kill Faramir. Total buttmunch. So *not* uber.
That guy's so mean...he's such a Denethor!
by Kat April 14, 2004
The steward of Gondor. Son of Ectelion, his two sons are Boromir (deceased) and Faramir. He dies in <i>The Return of the King</i>, when he tries to burn him and his son, Faramir, to death.
You really suck, Denethor. I hate you.
by Drunken Hobbit September 06, 2004