something that would be really spectacular if you actually gave a crap about it.
My aunt Flo's collection of cow nuts is really craptacular.
by Peter Velez November 01, 2005
when something isn't going your way and you need a word to express sarcasm.
-How was your day?
-Oh just craptacular.
by rachael March 27, 2004
A) adj. when someone does something that is so stupid in a videogame it's hilarious
Haha, that was CRAPTACULAR noob!!!
by Arrow January 08, 2005
Completely misplaced and inaccurate
The use of a contraction (you're - you are) instead of the posessive pronoun (your) in the example "You're home movies are craptacular, Chris" is CRAPTACULAR.
by Hemo Filiac February 16, 2005
Sucking liberal amounts of dick, in the metaphorical sense that something is bad; biting ass.
"Well, that throw was craptacular!"
by Franksta June 07, 2003
when something is crappy, but you want to make it sound like it was good.
Don: that was craptacular gay sex.

Zbigniew: Why thank you
by jAkE August 05, 2005
Summer break is craptacular!
by Nix June 20, 2001
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