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A huge spectacle of crap
Hey Diana, wanna go down and see the big Christmas craptacular?
by steve austin July 23, 2004
Somewhere between "spectacular" and crappy.
My grade on my Physics test was craptacular.
by madfish January 21, 2004
shitty or stupid enough to win a prize.
(also see "craptabulous."
Your 1986 honda is craptacular.
by Jason January 13, 2004
Unlike shit-tacular, craptacular is something not spectacular. The words spectacular and spectacle both share 'spec-' and a rather good meaning, so if 'spec-' were to be traded in for 'crap-' surely the emphasis of the word would be turned around in an equally bad way.
Me:'Your gaming skills are craptacular.'
Me:'...You suck.'
by Trunks November 16, 2003
Relating to or descriptive of what being screwed is like yet feeling strangely satisfied.
This Geo Metro is craptacular
by DIll Pekle April 11, 2003
How bad a something is in relation to crap.
This lesson is CRAPTACULAR
by Jazz B (+ Mike J) March 25, 2003
craptacular. adj. 1. an extremely sarcastic description of an undesireable object, state, or predicament.

Origin: combination of the words crap and spectacular to form a one-word cynical remark.
Life in Minneapolis in the 70's was crapacular.
by Orius September 03, 2002