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In Halo video game series, when you kill 4 opponents within 4 seconds of each other. When someone gets a killtacular, it is announced to that player by the Halo announcer.
The announcer in Halo yelled "Killtacular!"
by Zach Dorsett October 04, 2005
To merc people in Halo hard.
Killing 4 or more people in rapid succession.
I hear killtacular a lot when I play
by SirHumpsAlot July 03, 2003
Derived from an award on Halo whereby the player gains 4 kills in rapid succesion *aka they pwn you real bad*

Now an online synonym for anyone who dishes out the pwnage big time
pwnage! that was KILLTACULAR!
by Arrow January 08, 2005
A term said by the Halo 2 announcer when a player kills four players in a row in very rapid succession.
"you coax, what does killtacular mean?"
"It's like the thing you do with underage teens, 4 in a row, 4 seconds between"
-Futuristic sex robotz
by Zakkkk December 01, 2007
1. Getting 4 kills in 4 seconds in the Halo: Combat Evolved or Halo 2 video games.

2. Something impressive or spectacular.

3. ownage.
These Chilidogs are killtacular.

Double Kill. Triple Kill. Killtacular!
by CalibMatlock August 10, 2006
1: The sound made when you have killed 4 or more people in a short amount of time
2: Severe ownage
3: Sound I make when I kill people
Ha you got owned! I was shoving hte killtaculars down your throat!
by BondageBoyo August 15, 2004
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