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A sarcastic remark for something that is 'crap' with a fancy ending on the end of the word
OMFG Poetry in english is soo craptacular

Omg those flouro tights on that fat chick are even more so. craptacular
by Sherii February 15, 2008
(adj.)spectacularly crappy; really terrible. combination of the word crap and spectacular.
My day was f-in craptacular, I got fired. That movie was really craptacular, what a waste of money and two hours of my life.
by ClaireFC October 11, 2007
Any public show that is known to suck, but has yet to fail. Often used to describe poor fireworks displays that were nowhere near as good as advertised.
"Man, that fireworks show last night in Roanoke was craptacular
by Josh McG January 17, 2007
oxymoron- when something is spectacularly crappy.
the ultimate expression of sarcasm
"I hope I don't fail this test, because that was be just craptacular"
by bgates March 21, 2006
sarcastic word used to describe only the worst of days or situations.
Just lost my job! That's absolutely craptacular.
by allison barnes March 09, 2006
Crappy to the furthest extent. Also really, really crappy. See also=>

My frends thought the computer game Mega Monkeys 4 was CRAPTACULAR.
by That Bum May 24, 2005
Something unbelievable crap, opposite to spectacular.
Me - How was the film?
Jen - It was craptacular!
by ::Mute:: February 23, 2004