From The Simpsons.

Spectacularly crappy, but with some entertainment value.
"This is one craptacular movie."
by snortstah January 29, 2005
spectacularly crap. to be craptacular is to be crap but really amusing at the same time.
that movie was craptacular.
by Joanne&Alyce October 08, 2003
1. Very horrible

2. A mass abundance of crap

3. The opposite of " popular "
" It's craptacular! "

" He's craptacular "
by Bill Abnovsky August 18, 2006
Description of something that has achieved a new and ultimate level of crappiness, such that there is almost something spectacular about it. Also see: sucktastic, pukeriffic
Bobby: How do you like my Christmas
light display?

Christmas Light Display: *Bzzzt-crack*!

Johnny: It's craptacular.
An adjective describing something that is stunningly bad. The opposite of spectacular.
That was the most craptacular movie! It had no action, no plot, and no hot chicks!
by Billme February 09, 2009
A combination of crappy and spectacular. As in spectacularly crappy. Crap-tacular.

Pepsi is crap-tacular. While coke remains amazing.
by Darien and Rick June 27, 2006
(1) Monumentally shitty piece of work;
(2) Especially gratifying, albeit explosive, bowel movement
As in, "craptacular": (1) Wild-eyed, killer blue bronco at Denver International Airport;
(2) Generally accompanied by aggressive sighing and tears running down face
by IvanTheLovable March 17, 2010

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