When something is so bad that it has reached it's zenith on the Richter scale of Suckdom.
Dude #1: "Today really sucked..."

Dude #2: "I'm sorry to hear that you've had another craptacular day... "
by Kali Vastel April 09, 2007
From the merger of the words crap and spectacular:

adj. - Of the nature of being particularly bad or undesirable

n. - Something that is craptacular as a particularly bad moment, event, or instance.
My car broke down, I was late to work, and I got yelled at by my boss. It was a craptacular morning.

The party was dull and had bad music. It was craptacular.
by EvilCow September 14, 2005
Description of something that has achieved a new and ultimate level of crappiness, such that there is almost something spectacular about it.
Bobby: How do you like my Christmas
light display?

Christmas Light Display: *Bzzzt-crack*!

Johnny: It's craptacular.
Reffering to something that is disappointing or sub par
Wow after getting fired from my job and losing my wallet and finding out my girlfriend was cheating on me this has been a craptacular day.
by 00icu812 October 04, 2008
Spectacular crap. Something that is rendered shocking or fascinating by it's low quality or poor condition.
"The rotten old abandoned amusement park was a craptacular place to spend the afternoon."
by Lost America December 11, 2007
A word founded by Ohio natives showing how loosely, not-a-big-dealish, but nevertheless not good something is.
Craptacular job, class. You all lose 10 points.
by Jesus M. Christ November 25, 2007
A combination of crap and spectacular. Something that is very very crappy.
Jim just got a new car. It is even more craptacular than his old truck.
by Billy Bob Wilson May 29, 2006

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