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Its metric
"I have a crap ton of homework to do tonight"
by gonecountry(: June 09, 2012
7 8
A crap ton is equal to 4 shit loads.
we had a crap ton of time to think of this example.
by Arnold S. August 11, 2005
252 66
How Japanese people pronounce Eric Clapton's name. Has been featured on several Japanese versions of his albums.
"My favorite Eric Crapton songs are Rayra and Ray Down Sarry."
by Sir Pennyfeather February 16, 2010
106 23
A more child friendly version of "ShitLoad". "CrapTon" beat out other hopefulls such as "PoopyPound", "DookieOunce", and "BlackBananaGram". Use Crapton when you want to express an extreme amount of something without making a child's ears bleed.
For Star Jones to get that fat, she must have eatten a crapton of fried chicken.
by Mike Calhoun November 14, 2005
56 26
A unit of measurement equal to 558 kg or 1230 lbs. First used by Joe Bereta on the SourceFed youtube channel on 8/1/2012.
Australian authorities intercepted a crap-ton of meth and heroine in Sydney.
by Ericdii August 01, 2012
31 12
an extreme amount of something
I have a crap ton of work to do today
by mocha pie le jew July 04, 2005
22 16
two shit loads and a give a shit
when you have several of an object or when you have an object to excess

"You have a crapton of ice cream"
by bath and body works December 29, 2011
7 2
A butt load, gobs, a lot, many, an over abundance.
"Don't worry! When you get here they will still have crap tons left."
by kelcieism December 28, 2011
3 0