The name given to two different groups of people in South Georgia and Central to North Florida.
Group 1. Those of Spanish origin that cracked whips over the heads of cattle (The first cowboys in America were not from Texas).
Group 2. Those of Irish or Scottish heritage that would steal cattle from farmers in South Georgia and Central to North Florida were called "crakers" pronounced cray~kur. An old English word to describe those who steal cattle. It is important to note that the origin of this word had nothing to do with slaves. Those who are actual crackers are proud to be crackers. The name is now applied to those that inhabit and live in that region.
I notice you have a southern accent. Where are you from?
I'm a Florida Cracker sir.
Get out here! I'm a Georgia Cracker sir!
Hey man, nice to meet ya
by FloridaBoy94 November 25, 2013
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1.) Supposately comes from the fact that whites slave drivers cracked the whip at their slaves.
2.) Comes from the fact that most crackers ARE indeed white or light-peach-colored... Except for those nasty wheat ones hippies eat.
1.) What people (not only blacks or spanish people) use to say "white guy"
2.) What everybody calls those little edible rectangular things that come in boxes.

First of all: Being a white guy, I'm tired of hearing other white people whining about "black people can call us crackers but we can't defend ourselves by calling them the N-Word!" and shit. GET OVER IT. That's what we got for putting them through 400 years of slavery. I think that they have a right to rub the word "cracker" in our faces while we can't call them the N-Word. Besides, 'cracker' doesn't even sound nearly as bad as NIGGER.(<< That word just screams derrogatory)... Lousy bunch of crackers.
Black friend (joking): What's up, cracker?
Chad: Sup?
Random whiny white guy: Omegad! (points at black friend) RACIST!!!
Chad: .....Cracker
by ThatWhiteDude September 22, 2007
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A word used by black people to tease them, just like nigger.

It comes from black people who noticed the white people having pale skin and relativly dry much like a salty cracker wafer.
It was first used and publicised by the Black Panthers and Malcome X who at the time said White Cracker. It was also used by Bill Clinton to describe white voters to win the vote of black people in the US.

White people think this word comes from Slavery when the white man would use the whip or cat & 9 tails, which is false and wrong.

The word originated in the Southern states in the US and in Britain.

The word can also be used to describe "Poor" white people on welfare from trailor parks used by the white man.

Conclusion: A derogatory word to describe the White man, like honkey and cracker baby. Though white people think its no offensive, it is very much so. That if you call them a cracker, there face will Turn red immidiatly.
white man: her nigger
black man: hey cracker

black man: Whats good cracker, you do know that every race other then crackers hate you.
white man: i though so, thats why I dont have friends..
black man: yeah, that might be part of the reason
by J'Love June 01, 2009
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racial slur created by white people themselves to make racism near impossible for them since the word has no real derogatory meaning behind it.
you're such a cracker"...."and that means?"...."nvm
by Sunday IV September 08, 2010
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A cracker is a white person who has committed an act of bitchassness. A white male/female who has been offensive in a manner that requires them to be called a bitch but cracker adds a little versatility to the reaction of the person who is the victim of the white person's bitchassness act.
A black person is in line at the icecream truck and tells his friend he wants to get a fudge bar; the icecream man announces to the line that there is one left. A white person in fron of him hears him tell his friend he wants to get a fudge bar and decides that he should be the one to get that last fudge bar; knowing damn well he wanted a creamsicle. The white person gets the fudge bar to deliberately piss of the black person. The black person turns to his friend and says "what THee fuck, did you just see what this fuckass cracker did?"
by MagnificaChella March 04, 2009
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Ouch, he got me right in the crackers.
by Eric F Cod July 29, 2010
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Malicious computer users who crack software so that you don't need to input a cd-key or registration code. Which, of course, is illegal. The programs that they create which unlock software for free are called cracks.
Crackers are theives.
by 1337 is gay March 03, 2005
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