Not as good as cake.
"This party is full of crackers, lets invite some cake over"
by ashli j. July 25, 2008
A black or white police officer or cop.
look at this cracker right on my ass
by Joey Jaw Breaker May 12, 2008
to pass gas or to fart; to crack one off.
Oops, I crackered.

It smells in here, who crackered?

Man those beans were fierce, I have to cracker.
by Verano March 24, 2008
Another way to say awesome. Also can substitute Cheez-It to add emphasis!
I loved that movie! It was totally crackers!

Alex is so Cheez-It that I love hanging out with him!
by flezner February 11, 2008
1)Something that Professional Parrots try to avoid/stay sober from

2)a Drug that is offered by mysterious strangers that resembles crack...
mysterious stranger - hey you, wanna but a cracker?

professional parrot - I'M TRING TO GIVE THAT UP GOD DAMMIT!!
by ashimattack February 09, 2008
Not only is a cracker a derogatory term for the whiteman, or a
delicious salty bread chip, or a computer hack

It is also a not so well known device used to open nitrus cartridges in order to inhale the nitrus giving a high that ranges from 30 seconds to 10 minutes in some cases.
There are many different kinds of crackers, like an old fashioned whip cream dispenser (which you screw the nitrus into, and instead of whip cream you get pure nitrus nirvana!) or several other useful products.
by Toasty-Snaxx August 09, 2007
the tasty drink my friends and i call crackers. you'd probably call it beer.
heyyy! are we havin' crackers tonight!?
by Shayna M January 26, 2007

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