A wafer of wheat, flour or other grain type produce generally for the purpose of eating. Commonly consumed by the ill. Also is used by black people as a reference to white people.
"That cracker had a delicious taste."

"That's the palest cracker ass white boy I ever seen!"
by Matt Noogertson March 25, 2006
Type of unleavened bread that is commonly salted and eaten with soup.
Person 1: Yo cracka whatchu eatin?
Person 2: I'm eatin some soup with crackers.
by B n N January 21, 2006
a sugarless cookie that is normally salty
man this cracker tastes liek shit
by G December 12, 2005
Defenition 1: noun; thin, wafer-shaped piece of cooked bread

Defenition 2: noun; slang word/insult used to refer to those of European ancestry (possibly from the slave drivers 'cracking' the whip)
Defenition 1: "Would you like some cheese with that cracker?"

Defenition 2

Black Person: Wuddup, cracka white boy fake-ass wigger?
White Person: Dont be callin' me dat, nigga.
*White Person gets thrown in jail for rascism*
by WAZZUP?!?! December 12, 2005
Any one of the thousands of racist, arrogant, and inexplicably grotesque individuals in society. Pride themselves in being impearilists, and racist. Have the enigmatic tendency to hate you for your mere "dark" countenance. All that is wrong with the world today.
All the crackers have practised discrimination for a long time, now its our turn for a comical endeavor at a payback.
by ABOMINATION October 26, 2005
In Pat Conroy's book Prince of Tides, the main character's mother calls him a "cracker" when she feels he behaves in a low class manner- the character Tom explains to the reader that "crackers" were poor illiterate workers on crabbing boats- they "cracked" crab shells for a living becasue they weren't good enough to do any other work.
That stupid boy is beahving like a "cracker"
by NancyFrancy June 05, 2005
Refers to a man so desireable that he would be allowed to eat CRACKERS in your bed.
That dude is crackers.
by Sasha August 21, 2003

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