Derogatory term (when used by outsiders) for "poor, white trash" in the southeastern U.S. particularly Georgia and northern Florida. Some say the term is derived from the crack of their whips when driving cattle. Others claim it is shortened from "corn-cracker." Still others believe it is from the verb "crack" as in "boast" (not what it's cracked up to be).
The ol' cracker next door is cookin' hisself up some swamp cabbage and scrub chicken.
by WordWorker March 22, 2016
Cracker is a game played between 2 or more people with dicks. A cracker is placed before each crank and on the count of 3 the participants race to ejaculate on their cracker. The last one to complete the orgasmic release must eat everyone else's spooge covered saltine.
Dude! You lost! Eat that jizz covered, crispy bread! You suck at Cracker! Maybe you should take up sucking dick!
by Mandrew March 14, 2016
An annoying ass white person.
"That cracker is wearing those ugly Nike socks again???"
by ART ANGELS January 15, 2016
a slang the ruling class used for a white slave who worked outdoors.
"Of course we call them crackers. They're tan on the outside, yet white on the inside."
by king of kush October 13, 2015
Name of Australian website ("crackers"), where prostitutes can advertise for free. There are roughly 10,000 ads of this kind weekly listed on this website. Possibly this is why the Australian word "cracker", which means "prostitute" or"nympromaniac".
She is a cracker.
by New looke for luke February 18, 2015
suffix added at the end of the prefix of any and all national or ethnic identifications, denoting the individual as to having to think, react, and behave, in the eyes of his/her peers, as assimilar to being "white-washed" or raised to think or perceive themselves white; it could also be said that the individual labeled as "white-washed" would side themselves with caucasians foremost rather than their own ethnic group or surround themselves with caucasian friends to feel part of the caucasian race.
asian cracker; black cracker; persian cracker; latin cracker; indian cracker; middle-eastern cracker
by Michael Valero June 15, 2004
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