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A person who hacks and guesses password without any prior knowlegde; A Person who is described as someone who hacks into systems and/or sites/data to only destroy wihtout any intrest in the system there breaking into; A white person refered to as a cracker by a racist normally a African American or a white person that acts black ("wigger")
"He cracked a website for bragging rights"
"Look at that cracker over there"
by {HC}Cookie November 27, 2006
11 10
Racial slur used by black to discriminate whites.
Usually not used by whites, because well it's we don't want to sound iggnorant.
Black guy: Shutup cracker!
White Guy: Whatever nigga...
Black Guy:!!! Did u just call me a nigga, imma whoop yo a**
After white guy gets beat up he's prolly in cuffs for being a racist, and has liberal people on him now..
by Mr0bvious December 31, 2005
24 23
A person with at least three generations of Floridian ancestry from one or both sides of the family. It originated from the few groups of people that lived in Florida before proper settlements began, when men would herd cows through the miles and miles of palmetto bushes, cracking their whips to keep the herd moving in the right direction.
"Those crackers are crazy; heardin' cows through miles of palmettos?"
by Brandon December 10, 2004
19 18
The use of the word "cracker" to refer to a group of people has it's earliest days in the hacker culture. Crackers originally referred to a group of people(mostly adolescent males) that called themselves hackers, but were really only good for phreaking and messing up computers. Essentially, people who were better at creating problems than fixing them. The members of hacker culture do this to distinguish themselves from their less skillful counterpart. In today's pop culture, cracker has become a racial slur for people of Caucasian descent.
That dude totally messed up his computer. What a cracker.

She's such a cracker with her Starbucks and her iPhone 5.
by mrminorchord May 31, 2014
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A term commonly used in Miami in reference to an authoritative figure such as the police, government, or officials within the government that is able to exercise police power(s).
Hey bro you were supposed to be here 2 hours ago, what happened?
I pulled out of my complex & the crackers pulled me over for speeding thru a red light.
by JB-305 March 02, 2014
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Originally the term was given to white residents of the state of Florida. It is in reference to the fact that even white people bake brown in the sun. It later became a derogatory term black people use for white people all over the country.
'With all the race baiting Washington has been throwing out, the homies and the crackers are throwing down.'
by reformed_druid February 18, 2014
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A shitty white rapper.
If you call a cracker is called a rapper, that would be considered racist.
Is known to say words such as "homeboy", "homeslice" and "straight outta compton" (usually even though he came from a white, middle class neighborhood.)
Also calls white people or people who aren't white people, "cracka's"
Mallory "Did you see Scott rap today? He's a fucking terrible rapper!"
Mason "Wow! You fucking bitch ass crazy ass nigga, the politically correct term would be "cracker". Therefore, your sentence would be "Did you see that cracker Scott rap today? He's an awesome cracker!", you racist politically incorrect nigga ass bitch.
Scott "Yeah! I'm a cracker and I'm proud of it, home-slice."
Mason "The more you know"
(The classic "the more you know" theme plays, along with "G.I JOOOOOOE!")
by ThatOneMoron February 08, 2014
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