Someone who has smoked so much crack that they forgot what a black racist sounds like.
To a PC idiot, the word "nigger" is racist and unacceptable, while the word "cracker" is 'ebonics' and 'valid'.

But in reality, the mindset that looks on all black people as slaves is the SAME MINDSET that looks on all white people as slave-drivers.

That's what "racism" means, folks.
by Pipe Downn January 26, 2009
Cracker, is a term of contempt for the "poor" or "mean whites," particularly of Georgia and Florida. The term dates back to the American Revolution, and is derived from the "cracked corn" which formed their staple food.
Poor broke ass cracker bitch, get off my dick!!
by Enufephizzy April 19, 2007
suffix added at the end of the prefix of any and all national or ethnic identifications, denoting the individual as to having to think, react, and behave, in the eyes of his/her peers, as assimilar to being "white-washed" or raised to think or perceive themselves white; it could also be said that the individual labeled as "white-washed" would side themselves with caucasians foremost rather than their own ethnic group or surround themselves with caucasian friends to feel part of the caucasian race.
asian cracker; black cracker; persian cracker; latin cracker; indian cracker; middle-eastern cracker
by Michael Valero June 15, 2004
One who is mad/nuts/quirky.
Our English teacher is crackers.
by A. Whitby June 18, 2003
Criminal psychologist
Cracker. BBC TV Drama "Cracker" staring Robbie Coltrane.
by morbitek. November 03, 2013
A racial slur towards white people
A baked tasteless biscuit
A Christmas table novelty
A good pun or joke
A dry raspy fart
Mr Black:"Yo-Yo Cracker"
Mr White:"I-Hear-ya-mah-Niggerrr"
Mr Black: "Boy! I hope you meant "NIGGA""
Mr White: "Then I hope you meant "CRACKA""

"Pass the crackers.....and something to give them some taste"

"Time to pull the crackers apart for the crappy joke and plastic parachute guy!!"

"That Black joke sure was a Cracker.....Geddit!"

"Bruce, did you just rip a cracker???"
by F!$h!e February 04, 2010

used to describe something unwanted or stupid. similar to gay
1."You like my car? It's a pinto."

"Man, why would you drive a car as cracker as that?"

2. "My computer crashed again? What a cracker!"
by shla'tekkin May 05, 2009

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