opposite of nigger, an insult to whites... except white people aren't dumb enough to walk around calling each other that word because it's intended to be demeaning
break yo self cracker!
what chu want cracka?!
by tweak August 14, 2004
A name given to the original cowboy's who were actually from Florida, it is derived from the sound of the whip they use while rounding up cattle. To them the nickname is a compliment not an insult.
The cracker drove his herd of cattle to a greener pasture.
by jpg3 July 11, 2011
A racist term used by Black people, trying to belittle a white person. It is the equivalent of a white man calling a Black man "nigger", except saying nigger will get you in more trouble. If a black man calls you a cracker they will most likely get away with it, but if you call a black man nigger, then you will get the shit kicked out of you, and most likely be brought to court.
It is an incredibly stupid double standard, that should not be dismissed so easily. It is still racism.
White man: "why is it okay for a black man to say cracker, but if I called him nigger I would be sued for hate crimes?"

Man is then sued for using the word nigger in above sentance.
by Brenton s July 09, 2005
Racism. Plain and simple RACISM. Unfortunately in todays society anyone who voices this opinion is automatically branded the racist. And the pendulum swings......
That cracker is nuthin' but a racist ass honky.
by Beyond Belief November 30, 2004
African American attempt to try and counteract the extreme negativity that the term Nigger inacts on black people. Ironically, most white people don't even realize this usage as derogatory and are likely confused.
The black gentleman on the street called me a Cracker-ass Cracker because I am to blame for his lot in life, but I just ignored him.
by Reverend Sweetness October 01, 2004
10 An offensive term for a white person. People can usually get away with using it in our reverse-racist world. Only white people are racist, remember that.

2) A term that ignorant assholes don't think is bad due to the fact that white people were once slaveowners. Somehow, black people, nor every other race on the face of the fucking earth, have ever treated people badly. Except for the fact that black tribes sold their <b>slaves</b> to white men, thus initiating the slave trade. Also, these people are under the impression that we must forever carry a burdon and be subject to their bullshit racism for something our ancestors did, not us.

3) A person who shall forever be blamed for the rest of the worlds downfalls. White people have supposedly done nothing for the world, except invent the majority of things that you use today (to include the computer you're using right now).
Dipshit 1: "Maaaaaaan, tyrone got busted by those cracker ass honkies last night."
Dipshit 2) "Fo' real, nigga? Wut be da reason"
Dipshit 1) "Aww, that nigga just robbed a liqour store and shot da owna in da face point blank."
Dipshit 2) "Fuck those crackers. They're the reason I dropped out of school, had 5 kids from 4 different bitches, and started smoking crack!!!"
by it doesn't matter May 05, 2006
Cracker, n, (Krah-ker).
1. A type of flat wafer-like food item made from wheat, or grain.
2. A native Floridian, one who was born in Florida, also called a “Florida Cracker.”
3. A person of Caucasian descent.
4. A person who boasts.
5. One who “crackssoftware programs, see hacker.
6. A device made to open a canister of N20.

Crackers are most commonly a food item made from wheat or grain, often salted. Crackers are used as a base or vessel for spreads or dips. RJR-Nabisco produces several brand names of crackers such as Ritz, Triscuit, Wheat Thins, Cheese Nips, and Premium. Other brands include North Carolina based Lance corporation, and Keebler, which makes Club, Munch ‘ems, Wheatables, and Town House. The “Body of Christ” communion wafers are made from unleavened bread.

A highly misinterpreted word, but which has come to mean Caucasian. However, the word originated from the American civil war of the 1860s. During this time, Florida, which was a neutral state, provided supplies to many southern states. These supplies were delivered via horse drawn carriage. The drivers used a whip for driving these horses, and thus the slaves called them “Crackers” as they cracked their whips. When the slaves heard the cracking of the whip, they would say “Crackers’ a comin,” and thus the Floridians were given this nickname.

However, over time, the Floridians kept the name in their vocabulary, not as a racial term, but as a badge of honor. (Author is a genuine Cracker from Ft. Lauderdale) The now free slaves began to refer to southerners as “crackers.” Eventually, the term was used as a general term for a white person. It’s the equivalent of nigger or spic, used for blacks and Hispanics respectively. Among other common racial epithets for whites are honky, which comes from the term honky-tonk, a western style saloon, or a type of upright piano used for ragtime music.

Other usages include the Criminal Hacker, A.K.A. “Cracker,” a person who pirates software or commits illegal acts via a computer’s Internet connection. Hackers fall under White Collar Crime. Larceny is a common crime associated with hacking, as is the illegal acquisition of Confidential Information or Documents.

Cracker can also mean the device used to open a canister of Nitrous Oxide (N20), also called Laughing Gas, which is an inhalant and anesthetic most commonly used in dental work and oral surgery. N20 is a gas; it’s occasionally used in cars as a very high performance fuel. N20 is also found in airbags as the propellant gas that expands them. N20 is comprised of 2 Nitrogen and 1 Oxygen molecule.
1. "Ritz crackers are the best of the bunch in my opinion."
2. "He's an old-fashioned Florida Cracker, and he always will be.”
3. “Hey whitey, you a cracker assed cracka!”
4. “He’s such a stuck up, pompous cracker.”
5. “He’s an idiot if he thinks he’s a cracker!”
6. “Get the cracker and some balloons and lets get high.”
by Contraceptive SpongeBob November 26, 2005
Supposed to be derogatory term for white individuals, but white people do not mind being called crackers.
Also see cracka.
I'm a cracker and im proud.
by smarterthanu April 16, 2004
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