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An very attractive and enticingly sexy woman.

Possibly derived from Firecracker or Crackerjack. The word visually describes how an such a woman excites a man's mind, emotions and passions.

Sadly, this wonderfully expressive word is under threat due to the rise of alternative meanings.
She's a beauty - real cracker!", he exclaimed passionately. "I felt like all firecrackers and champagne corks in the world were whizzing, crackling and popping at once.
by Jeorne May 28, 2010
A man who experiences an extreme loss of cash flow and feels he can no longer afford to impress “the ladies” suffers from cashtration or financial impotence.

{Source: based on the alternative definition given at the HotForWords website}
When he lost his job during the credit crunch, he felt too cashtrated (verb of cashtration) to entertain any ideas of dating in the near future.
by Jeorne May 06, 2009
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