Racially motivated term for white people, based on the fact that we're the same color as Saltines.
That cracker blends in perfectly in that cracker's hand.
by Simon November 16, 2004
When someone calls you a cracker, they are calling you a white person. It is a racist comment.
"Bob you're such a cracker."
by Traceh June 07, 2005
The most common racist remark made against white people, today. For some reason, the term is considered socially acceptable and is said on TV all the time.
I guess you can say cracker on TV because nobody could possibly be racist AGAINST white people!
by Mattheus June 29, 2005
A politically correct racial slur against caucasians encouraged by the liberals, plain and simple.
It's quite ok in today's politically correct world for people to call caucasians crackers and get away with it, but watch what would happen if a caucasian fired the term nigger or spick back.....you can count on the caucasian being charged with a hate crime!
by Piranha May 09, 2006
Derived from the sound a whip makes (when used by a slave master), Crackers refer to white people in positions of authority - police, government officials, teachers, your boss. Over time, however, it has come to be used as a mildly offensive word for any white people.
Who shot Biggie Smalls if we don't get them, they gon get us all / I'm down for running up on them crackers in their City Hall
by Robkee September 26, 2006
They're square and salty....and...yeah.They taste good with something spread on them.
Billy asked his mommy if he could buy some crackers,and she kicked him in the nuts.
by TheWiggidy November 01, 2003
Derogatory term for lower income Caucasians in the South. Also know as po' white trash. Usually make their living as sharecroppers.

Comes from grinding or "cracking" corn to use for cornmeal rather than buying cornmeal or flour at a store.

Not a saltine cracker.
Not a wealthy plantation owner.
Not a Massa crackin' de whip
The song:
Jimmy crack corn but I don't care....De Massa gone d'away

Out of the way, cracker!

slang rascist racism reverse discrimination Caucasian White People Trailer Trash slaves slavery nigras niggers] negro nigga
by b'cuz I can July 04, 2010
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