a crack monkey is a monkey who is addicted to crack. he also loves to eat bananas and pie and lamb.
Look at that little crack monkey over there! he's eating lamb!
by Dniworrom May 15, 2008
a general outburst of frustration or anger. can be used in reference to a person, thing, or situation.
crackmonkey, my computer crashed!
you're such a crackmonkey!
by That One Girl January 22, 2003
A person who is addicted to the act of Cunnilingus (oral sex performed on a woman). Primarily a term used by lesbian or bi-sexual females.
1. I thought Jenna was straight, but she's really a dirty little Crack Monkey!

2. I was really nervous when I first tried oral with another Girl. Now I'm a total Crack Monkey!

3. I never liked oral sex until I met Barbara. Now I'm a Freakin' Crack Monkey!
by JAM80 July 12, 2007
A crack monkey is a person you see at a sleazy bar, or just walking in the bad part of town who's addicted to crack. You can always tell them by their call -- "Hey man, do you think you could spare a dollar?". By definition, a crack monkey should be of african-american descent, but sometimes this can be overlooked.
That damned crack monkey asked if he could borrow three dollars to he could get on the city bus.
by The Piguana March 27, 2004

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