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To embarrass someone to the point where their face cracks like a broken mirror. Usually by pointing out that they are wrong in their assertion.
She tried to tell me Fox News was unbiased but I had to crack face.
by Dman508 February 25, 2011
When a crack addict is smiling/looking at you, hes got a crackface.
"Go away crackface!"
by Goatman George September 22, 2008
Someone who looks really high on crack or similar drug, pale, skinny, paranoid
"I saw a chick on Springer who had serious crack face."
by xphile_1002 April 16, 2008
A synonym for crackhead thought up by two young men one evening whilst considerably chung
You're such a crackface
by Aidan Brooks January 04, 2006
To laugh (because whhen you open your mouth, it's like your face is cracking).
"He's going to be so hilarious!"
"I know! I'm totally gonna crack face."
by Kyle Rainey February 02, 2006
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