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A man who has a mommy complex like no other. He is extremely needy and will want a woman to "take care of his needs" eg. satisfy his insatiable thirst for chocolate milk, tucking him into bed at night, packing a lunch for him etc...
Johnny was such a manchild he made Julie put on his socks in the morning.
by psychobunny January 08, 2009
The corpse like look of a crack addicts face due to many years of drug use. This includes sunken in eyes, cheeks and greyish leathery skin. These people often look like wandering demons hence the name crack-face "monster."
Jenny went for a trip downtown where she saw a crack-face monster flailing along the sidewalk.
by psychobunny January 08, 2009
A vagina with an odour so foul it rivals that of rotten sushi.
Jessie: What the fuck is that stench?
Ben: Ewww its Sarah's sushi cunt
Jessie: Oh god no more california rolls for me
by psychobunny January 08, 2009
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