A slutty trash whore usally found in allys or projects. They are identified by their ripped stockings and emo hair. Also a nickname for transvestites.
Steve is a courtney today.
by D-emo December 09, 2006
Courtney- a beatifull name for a beatifull girl maybe the best name in the world better than chantell. Anyone with a name as beatifull as Courtney must be beatifull themselves. Courtney is the best name ever!
Wow courtney is so beatifull just like her name i wish i was her because she is so beatifull and lovley i wish i had her ame instead of chantell because hers is much much better i love Courtney so much! xxxxx
by courtneyrules no messing November 30, 2009
Spawn of Satan, stupid cunt hoe, irritating, disrespectful, fugly bitch that doesn't know how to act around normal people, boys should not be all over her. yuck.
Courtney: Oh! I like your bra.
Louise: Cunt.
by sewg February 02, 2008
An amazing girl, who is beautiful and who many people hate on. She's a nice person if only people would give her a chance.
Wow, that girl is so pretty and nice, she must be a Courtney.
by burton10 June 20, 2010
1. A Passionate, Gorgeous, Sexy, and Smart girl. Courtney’s are popular, outgoing and always fun to be around. They can be bitchy, but that’s just because they are better than you. They are often the life of the party and like it that way. Courtney’s eyes are captivating, her smile, intoxicating, and her heart lights the darkest, corners of the earth.

2. Courtney's are "known" to steal boyfriends, but truthfully your boyfriends just leave you for her. AND Not because you are ugly OR miserable but just because she is much better than you, in all humanly ways possible. Irresistible, Pretty, smart, cute and sexy, all mixed into one.

3. Courtney is envied by all, especially heinous (fat and ugly) women and Unhappy Closet Homosexuals. People hate on her out of pure jealousy and the frustration of knowing they are inferior to Courtney. She takes this as a compliment because if it were possible, she would be jealous of herself too.

4. Courtney’s are disliked by stupid, jealous and insecure “new girlfriends” whom often feel threatened by the sheer fact that their boyfriends probably still and always will love Courtney. That’s too bad. Because she has moved on, and your boyfriend will always be fixated on her and her hot little ass. This puts you in second place to Courtney with no chance of ever being first. This also means that when you are in bed with him he wishes you were Courtney. You will never be as good as Courtney. Wah.

5. The essence of Pure Perfection.
Man, did you see that girl! She was a Courtney!

I would be with you, but I have a Courtney at home.

(Girlfriends name), I wish you were more like Courtney.

I wish I was more like Courtney

Courtney wishes she was more like Courtney
by Courtstheshitandyourstill2nd February 07, 2010
fricking amazing person who everybody wants to be. also the top ghetto name
Everyone loves Courtney sooo much!
by Courtney I Heidle :) March 18, 2010
a person who is extremely sexually active. although, she is rejected by most guys. and still, she will have sex with anyone she can.
That new girl, Courtney, is such a wannabe slut, but no guy wants to do her.
by Lorraine Nivala January 19, 2009

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