The most amazing girl in the world who causes jealousy to all females she encounters. She is genuine, intelligent, sexy, and a better person than you, especially if your name starts with an H. If you lost your supposed boyfriend to her, that's because he was never yours - and you shouldn't have cheated on him.
That chick is such a courtney. I'm gonna marry her.
by Hssuck February 04, 2010
Young, blonde, gorgeous attractive girl with perfect morals and an energetic personality. Very outgoing and is always approached by the most attractive looking guys. Extremely faithful when in a relationship, and when single is really fun at parties, and laid back with friends. Has many friends and is very social, so meets and makes friends easy. Very well liked by everyone around her and not only has amazing beauty, but brains. The most perfect and beautiful girl there is in this entire universe.
If you are not friends with or dating Courtney, you are a total loser and should definitely not be living.
by Cornhol Garbagnic >gar-baj-nic February 04, 2010
Sexy amazing girl that knows how to work it
Damn, that courtney is doin it good.
by Hunter Cheetun February 04, 2010
1. An amazingly beautiful woman whom everyone aspires to be as fun and charming as. Men pine over her and women are jealous of her. Courtney has all of the most beautiful features that a woman can have. She is the one who men crave to have. This is 100% because of her personality. Courtney could be ugly and everyone would still love her because of her fun loving and amazing ways. Courtney's ideal mate would be a male who would care for her through all things and never intentionally cause her pain. Courtney deserves the world, and the world she shall be given. Her ideal mate at this time would be someone whos name starts with a C.
Ashleigh: I wish I was as cool as that Courtney chick..
Ashleigh's boyfriend: I wish you were too... :/
by TheCas3yB May 17, 2010
A courtney will do almost anything for a friend. She is amazing and beautiful and has the highest goals. She loves to laugh and has the most amazing eyes. Shes artistic and has the voice of an angel. She has no dancing skills but when it comes to making people laugh shes got a 100 out of 10 ability. She is super nice and friendly so never be nervous when approaching a courtney but if you mess or hurt any of her friends you better be ready to feel her wrath. She gives awesome advice about everything you can ask but is most likely not the best with comebacks. She tries her best to keep everyone happy and can keep secretes under lock forever. She is trustworthy and kind and will never try to purposely hurt you. She is hyper and often called cute or adorable but has very bad luck with boys. Her mind often shuts down when talking to the opposite sex and she falls in love very easily. She is very quiet but once you get to know her she is a fire cracker of life. Once she sets her mind to something it is done. She is unique and loved by all. She has many opinions and is always thinking. She is a once in a lifetime girl who can never be labeled. Never think bad of a Courtney because she will most likely be the one to change your life forever.
that Courtney, she is a true star girl
by Mikachu3737 December 12, 2012
1. A Passionate, Gorgeous, Sexy, and Smart girl. Courtney’s are popular, outgoing and always fun to be around. They can be bitchy, but that’s just because they are better than you. They are often the life of the party and like it that way. Courtney’s eyes are captivating, her smile, intoxicating, and her heart lights the darkest, corners of the earth.

2. Courtney's are "known" to steal boyfriends, but truthfully your boyfriends just leave you for her. AND Not because you are ugly OR miserable but just because she is much better than you, in all humanly ways possible. Irresistible, Pretty, smart, cute and sexy, all mixed into one.

3. Courtney is envied by all, especially heinous (fat and ugly) women and Unhappy Closet Homosexuals. People hate on her out of pure jealousy and the frustration of knowing they are inferior to Courtney. She takes this as a compliment because if it were possible, she would be jealous of herself too.

4. Courtney’s are disliked by stupid, jealous and insecure “new girlfriends” whom often feel threatened by the sheer fact that their boyfriends probably still and always will love Courtney. That’s too bad. Because she has moved on, and your boyfriend will always be fixated on her and her hot little ass. This puts you in second place to Courtney with no chance of ever being first. This also means that when you are in bed with him he wishes you were Courtney. You will never be as good as Courtney. Wah.

5. The essence of Pure Perfection.
Man, did you see that girl! She was a Courtney!

I would be with you, but I have a Courtney at home.

(Girlfriends name), I wish you were more like Courtney.

I wish I was more like Courtney

Courtney wishes she was more like Courtney
by Courtstheshitandyourstill2nd February 07, 2010
hot, great person, with an awesome personality!!! fun loving, comical, give you the shirt off her back type of chick! if you ever come across a courtney snatch her up! you wont be disappointed!!!
Wow, you must be a courtney cause you are off the chain!!!
by hergirl February 02, 2010

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