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An amazing friend through and through.When in a relationship is committed to the end. Beautiful and sexy and loves to receive affection. She is the farthest thing from a whore, will only be intimate when truly in love.
Damn, is that Courtney?
by inlovewithcourt February 04, 2010
62 51
Someone that will do something strange for a little bit of change.
I'll Courtney you for .50 cent, nigga.
by MeXiKaN February 02, 2009
374 363
Someone who likes to sing and dance around like a complete looser! but shes funny and makes everyone laugh. Everytime she says something funny, she has to write it down so that she doesn't forget it and so that she can put it on facebook as soon as she gets home. She has a fairly sick mind ;) and worries over nothing!
by Sheridan Jeffkins October 12, 2010
24 14
A quiet, sometimes too quiet, studious girl who likes art and being by herself. She is usually naive when it comes to love, but gets all the dirty jokes and makes some herself. Altogether, a great friend, though she seems detached sometimes.
"That girl in the library looks so quiet and nice"
"She is definitely a Courtney"
by swirlMisty34 January 07, 2012
11 2
Amazing girrrlyyy! That calls me every night!!! She is soooooooo pretty and I loveeeeee her sooooo much and has amazing friends like me!!!! She will always be a great friend!!!!!!!<33333
1:Courtney is mius best friend!!!!!!<3333
by Awesomenessgirll February 02, 2010
50 41
1. A girl who is very well rounded and very spiritual. She is very down to earth and never hesitates for a moment to help her friends and those around her.

2. Meaning of high status in social gatherings.

3. It is of Old French origin, and its meaning is "domain of Curtius". Transferred use of the surname, originally a place name from France called Courtenay. A name with upper-class connotations.
"Did you hear what Courtney did for that church yesterday?"
by Milly sama February 05, 2010
31 24
One cool girl. Beautiful and bubbly, cute and charming, and a total catch.. She's a beautiful brunette and a knock out blonde. She likes to think that her eyes are akin to glaciers, but surely everyone knows that already... (she's kind of a big deal). She probably reads a lot of cool books and surely likes awesome shows like Lost. She probably says confusing things like "murrr" or"eeeee", but if you get confused you can always check urban dictionary. A girl who likes to adddddd letterssss to words but makes it totally adorable. She probably likes concerts, but oh well. You'll probably like her regardless. All in all she's bound to be pretty perfect for any guy.
Oblivious Bro: "Omggggg, who is that!!!?"

Bro "in the know": "Man, how do you not know? That's Courtney, dog. Duhhhh.."
by Bro "in the know" May 17, 2012
7 1