Someone who likes to sing and dance around like a complete looser! but shes funny and makes everyone laugh. Everytime she says something funny, she has to write it down so that she doesn't forget it and so that she can put it on facebook as soon as she gets home. She has a fairly sick mind ;) and worries over nothing!
by Sheridan Jeffkins October 12, 2010
Someone that will do something strange for a little bit of change.
I'll Courtney you for .50 cent, nigga.
by MeXiKaN February 02, 2009
A girl who is really short and her personality is bigger than her. She is extremely loud and seems rude to people who don't know her. Close friends know she's actually a really caring person but gets annoyed easily by other people. Once you get her to open up you will find that she is really funny and loves to laugh at her own stupidity. She has gorgeous eyes and perfect eyelashes. She loves sports, especially football. If you play football, it's a major plus and she will probably fall in love with you. Everyone loves Courtney and wants to be her friend once you get to know her. All of the guys want her. So ladies better watch out because she'll steal your man.
Me: I choose that guy
Courtney: I choose the one with the six pack and blonde hair

Me: You can have him, if get the one with the nice arms
by Jabucbsc February 13, 2014
One cool girl. Beautiful and bubbly, cute and charming, and a total catch.. She's a beautiful brunette and a knock out blonde. She likes to think that her eyes are akin to glaciers, but surely everyone knows that already... (she's kind of a big deal). She probably reads a lot of cool books and surely likes awesome shows like Lost. She probably says confusing things like "murrr" or"eeeee", but if you get confused you can always check urban dictionary. A girl who likes to adddddd letterssss to words but makes it totally adorable. She probably likes concerts, but oh well. You'll probably like her regardless. All in all she's bound to be pretty perfect for any guy.
Oblivious Bro: "Omggggg, who is that!!!?"

Bro "in the know": "Man, how do you not know? That's Courtney, dog. Duhhhh.."
by Bro "in the know" May 17, 2012
courtney someone thats EXTREMEMLY good looking but not like cute, more like sexy. when they walk by u turn ur head and wish u had a pause button or something.

The most gorgeous girl that you could ever come across.

Words can not explain her, and her flawlessness.

Whoever has her, as their girlfriend is the most luckiest man

in the entire universe.

everyman,want her and every girl wants to be her.
Jesse: fuck that courtney chick is hot.
tim: fuck yes, oi cunt i heard shes easy.
Jesse: I'm in!
tim: -.- lucky cunt
by everyonewantsomeofwhatigot November 26, 2011
psyco bitch.
acts somewhat in a fucked up way.
"psyco courtney"
psyco courtneys gonna hit me over the head with a glass bottle in a second
by smackowacko October 21, 2008
An amazing young woman with a strong, amazing personality. Usually has a smile on her face and is really pretty. Courtney is very loving and faithful. You can trust Courtney with anything, she wont let you down. Also a great kisser and great for cuddling. By far better than all the dirty hoes runnin around now a days!
Did you see that girl cuhhz?
How could I not? Thats a Courtney!
Whoever is with her is lucky as fuck!!
by BluntedNStuntin December 28, 2012
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