(male) Psychotic, bipolar, narcissistic, all around douche bag. Loves to domineer conversations. Pro drummer. (so he thinks). Short tempered, foul-mouth, but quick to come crying back in a stream of tears begging for God's forgiveness. Hopes to one day have a pack of wolf pups running around his home. Brain washes women and controls their every move. Beware of the Courtney, he'll be looking for his next victim pretty soon when "she" leaves him. If she can.
Run everyone! the Courtney is coming!!! AH!!!!
by angry family member February 12, 2010
A lovely lady, who is in no way a whore or anything of that sort! Silly, entertaining, and down to earth. Enjoys hanging out with the guys and watching excessive amounts of pornography.
My friend Courtney is great, she's always fun to be around :)
by assylA manrAnaV August 07, 2009
A beautiful sweet girl who is compassionate and loves life with all her heart. She is both beautiful inside and out and takes care of those around her.
Thanks goodness for Courtney, or we wouldn't have had any help.
by webster's truth February 02, 2010
Not only is Courtney not a whore, but she's also not an evil, malicous or spawn of anything bad. She is fun, loud, the life of the party. She is kind, generous and has a HUGE heart! She loves her family! Courtney is not a sex fiene or someone who would ever have an STD. You are stupid if you think that of a Courtney.
I wish i could be a Courtney
by SaysaCourtney February 04, 2010
The friend you always wished you had, pretty without knowing it, loyal, incredibly suave though it may come off as ditsy, underneath one can see that this person is a deep being with an old soul.
Courtney is so hot!
by sistahlea February 04, 2010
A very beautiful whom is often miss treated but who is the bst perosn in the entire universe because of her loving heart and her amazing personality. she cares and loves most things in the world except for a certain individual whos name may not be said but if were to be spelled backwwards would be spelled as the following:

Eissac Elocin Gnimelf
" Yes that Courtney is soo amazing with such a great personality, yet she hates that stupid bitch faced slut Eissac Elocin Gnimelf. "
by SexyBeastMeeh14 August 07, 2009
The most beautiful, smart, fun loving, easy to love, girl. The girl you will never forget about, and always want. She is sexy when she doesn't mean to. She will love you with all her heart and is just the best girl ever. No matter how much you are around every time feels like the first and you always get butterflies. Easily the best girl you'll ever find.
Hey man remeber that girl you dated?
Who Courtney? I'll never forget that love man.
by BWood42 September 26, 2011
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