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Something people say when they get mad.
Or it is a replacement for GD or Gosh Darn it.
"You get on my last cotton pickin nerves!"

"Damn, you so cotton pickin fugly"
by Tay-Nii-Chan August 30, 2008
An adjective of Southern U.S. origin: Pain in the ass. Difficult. Bothersome. God-forsaken. Irritating. Frustrating. Crazy-making. Idiotic. Unbearable.

Originated as a descriptor for the labor of harvesting cotton crops. Later used to described the farm-workers, primarily african-american slaves, who harvested the crops. May be offensive, and perceived as derogatory or insulting, to any intelligent or enlightened audience if spoken aloud.
"Are you out of your cotton-pickin' mind?" "Assembling IKEA furniture is so cotton-pickin' hard if you don't follow the instructions." "My boss is such a cotton-pickin' fool."
by palabrita January 20, 2013
Cotton Picking used in a sentence goes back to the early days of the south. It was a term used to display anger or dismay. It was coined by plantation owners that had slaves that picked cotton. Since these slaves were seen as lazy the plantation owners would always be upset with them.
You Cotton Pickin Idiot!
by Crankypapa August 31, 2010
{Crazy or Retarded}

You must be out your cotton-pickin mind if you think i'm gonna pick that up.
by mspugh2u July 10, 2008
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