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Come On Titty! An abbreviation used by men in certain groups on Facebook when responding to a picture of a scantily clad woman, who may have one or more of breasts barely covered.
Guy looks at picture of a woman with a revealing top on posted on the internet

He writes in the comments field...

by 47hours April 23, 2008
A place between a woman's leg : Pussy
Cause when I bust my Nut, I'm raisn' up off the cot!

Doggystyle Gin and Juice - Snoop Dogg 1993
by Yummy June 24, 2003
Cum On Tits
I wanna COT
by Mr, Yuahle February 24, 2009
City of Trees - Boise, Idaho
I'm on my way back to the C.O.T.
by btown35 March 15, 2009
Derogotory term for apricots, used in agriculteral occupations, such as fruit picking and canning.
I hate cots.

Cots are not our friends.
by justinthehat July 27, 2010
Lyrically Wack
"My Names 'C.O.T.'Ya'll Know How I Be."
by Mysterious January 04, 2003
1. One's home, place of residence. e.g. "Layin' in the cot (not cut)" (Stems from the word cottage)

2. A camping bed, or transportable mattress.

3. A child's crib. (Esp. British)
The most popular entry for this word (as it pertains to definition 1) on Urban Dictionary, uses a definite misinterpretation of the following lyric off Snoop Dogg's "Gin 'n' Juice":

"'Cause when I buss my nut, I'm raising up out the Cot." As corroborated by the ensuing line--"Don't be upset girl, that's just how it goes/ I don't love you hoes, I'm out the door..."--the literal meaning is: "As soon as I come (ejaculate), I'm out of the house."
by SiRnB May 20, 2007