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Cured pig meat.
by Yummy October 08, 2003
A place between a woman's leg : Pussy
Cause when I bust my Nut, I'm raisn' up off the cot!

Doggystyle Gin and Juice - Snoop Dogg 1993
by Yummy June 24, 2003
A word used to express that something tastes good.
That ass looks good. Yum.
by YummY February 14, 2004
A candy company that makes superior-quality sweets and chocolates.
Try the Cadbury Crunchie(tm) bar. It's crisp, crunchie, it goes CRRRRRR!!! in your mouth.
by Yummy November 07, 2003
overaged man in a purple dinosaur suit who molests young naive children.
by yummy August 10, 2003
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