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1. One's home, place of residence. e.g. "Layin' in the cot (not cut)" (Stems from the word cottage)

2. A camping bed, or transportable mattress.

3. A child's crib. (Esp. British)
The most popular entry for this word (as it pertains to definition 1) on Urban Dictionary, uses a definite misinterpretation of the following lyric off Snoop Dogg's "Gin 'n' Juice":

"'Cause when I buss my nut, I'm raising up out the Cot." As corroborated by the ensuing line--"Don't be upset girl, that's just how it goes/ I don't love you hoes, I'm out the door..."--the literal meaning is: "As soon as I come (ejaculate), I'm out of the house."
by SiRnB May 20, 2007
Come On Then
Hey COT let's see what your got
by random stranger007 July 08, 2010
Champagne on Tits. To uncork any kind of champagne, preferrably in a jacuzzi or hotel room, and pour liberally over a pair of exposed tits (or several pairs). Shaking the contents slightly is encouraged, but not so much as to emulate the Yankees' post-World Series locker room celebration.
Bert: So how was your Vegas trip?
Dert: Awesome broseph, we totally had COT!
Bert: COT party? No way, how did you convince them?
Dert: We told them the champagne was too cheap to drink, but that we didn't want to waste it.
by JambaJews December 26, 2009
'circle of trust' - an exclusive alliance between your inner-most circle of friends. the issues discussed are usually secret and may not be repeated to non-members. people in a cot are generally well respected and envied by others.
Awww man i wish i was cool enough to be in the cot :(
by S-UNITTT January 13, 2010
Stands for 'coke off tits'. Used to describe or refer to a particularly debauched social gathering - where people might snort coke off tits.

May also refer to a person generally associated with such gatherings.
Man, I ended up at this investment banker's party last Thursday and it went totally CoT.

Fred is so CoT he prashed on Paris Hilton.
by Para Dice February 01, 2007
Cum On Tongue - ejaculating on someone's tongue
she's great in cif and cot
by shayla69 September 24, 2006
Description for a new type of weed that was imported from Africa. Is known to be very hard to detect and is able to be chewed, smoked and made into a paste in order for the psychotropic effects to occur.
That was some good cot we just bought.

That cot made me so high I can barely see.
by StickEm123 March 04, 2008