a substitution for the word nigger when a black person is around.
look at this cosby..

what's up cosby!

so this cosby was pulling a james at work.
by bio88 April 23, 2009
Top Definition
Verb. To drug a woman and then rape her while she is unconscious
"God damn did you see that bitch Jerry cosbied last night? She was fine as a mother fucker."

"Give me that GHB, I'm gonna cosby that bitch over there."
by evilx systems December 01, 2014
A multi colored sweater.

Stemming from the days of the Cosby show, in which the main character, Heathcliff Huxtable, played by Bill Cosby, constantly wears bright, multi colored sweaters.
Tom came into the office wearing a colorful sweater.

Mohan exclaimed "Damn Tom, nice Cosby!"
by Chips August 11, 2004
A sexual senario, its background pertaining to the fact that the african american comedian Bill Cosby used to advertise jello. "A Cosby" is where a girl sucks a man's dick, with jello in her mouth as well.
"Dude your girlfriend gave me a cosby yesterday"
by BloodMatrix February 20, 2005
A drug used to sedate women, or to make them incoherent to prevent unwanted sexual acts.
1)You gave that poor girl a Cosby didn't you?
1A) Yup, and she was out like a light.
by UnknownIgnorance December 02, 2014
A shit, usually of full girth. Tendency to bring pain upon exit.
1. "I hate dropping the cosbys at public restrooms"
2. "I drove Bill Cosby and the kids to the museum"
3. "The cosbys are pushing at the gate"
by G-Man March 05, 2003
(Verb) The ancient art of drugging a potential partner, violating them, and then performing the impressive feat of eluding all suspicion until they violate one person too many.
Dave: I did Brenda, Jenny, and Sandra while they were asleep.
Tom: You Cosby'd them, didn't you?
by PunkBitch96 December 02, 2014
Used online in the Blizzard game "Starcraft" when a nuke is used to kill mass units.
{after nuking 30 zerg units} "Holy shit, that was a cosby!"
by Murdock November 24, 2004
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